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celebration of holi with the orphanage
2016-03-22 / 2016-03-22  |  
Venue : Bhaktapur , sagarmatha children home
Objectives : celebration of holi with the wonderful children of sagarmatha children home. The main objective was to celebrate , bring happiness to the children and promote our traditional event .


to bring happiness to the children. Help them understand the reason for celebrating holi . It was an event, only dedicated to the children. We wanted to spend some quality time with the children and make them feel how important they are.

Project Detail

Our members wanted to choose a perfect place for the celebration of holi. We wanted to bring some changes. Holi is a traditional event celebrated particularly by the hindus. we couldnt think of a better place then an orphanage. we choosed Sagarmatha Children Home , there were 21 children with 4 housemaids . We  were delighted by the decision we made , it was a woderful event . We got to know the children really well . We threw colours at each other , there were laughter every where , that made us really happy . The children were very sweet, they welcomed us with all their heart. 

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