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8th Rotaract District Conference - RAC Bhadgaon

8th Rotaract District Conference
2016-02-19 / 2016-02-19  |  
Venue : Dharan, Gopal medical college
Objectives : election for the DRR 2017-18 and to promote public relation with the other present clubs.


we had to vote for the DRR 2017-18. It was an election among the members and we were the one to take the responsibility of electing the deserving person.

Project Detail

The conference was held in Dharan- Nepal , all of the rotaract clubs were present . Each clubs had a huge responsibility of voting the deserving person . It was adifficult moment , we had two of our members Rtr. Utsab Mani Kharel and Rtr. Hari chadra satyal standing for the designation DRR 2017-18. Both of them were highly profiled and equally good but there are  always one winner . In the conference we also learnt many thing regarding to District members , their duties, responsibilities etc.  The two members had gives 5 minutes presentation according to their vision , goals, objectives of being the DRR 2017-18. 

We heartly congratulate Rtr. Haru Chandra Satyal for being elected as the DRR 2017-18

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