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Teaspoon of change - RAC Bhadgaon

Teaspoon of change
2016-01-30 / 2016-01-30  |  
Venue : jawlakhel, D.A.V college
Objectives : Receive knowledge and experiences of the speaker. The main objective of the project was to understand the change we can do to make the world into a better place. It gave us the values of living and helping the environment.


We learnt to develop a new habit , that can be beneficial for the society and for ourselves. By listening to the experiences of the Australian speaker , it gave us the realization of the changes we need to make.

Project Detail

Our members had attended the teaspoon of change programme. As the theme , Teaspoon of change , it taught about the value of living . The speaker shared his experiences and in the presentation , we learnt about the changes that we people can make to help change the environment into a better place . It didnt involved any amout of money, but it taught us to change ourselves. It gave us a spiritual view of life and how can we help the society by changing our behaviours , daily routine patterns, we also learnt about many great leaders and heros of the world that supported in changing the world. 

Our members were delighted to attend the session , they received many knowledges and ideas that can help for the upcoming projects of the rotaract help.  And also made them realize , how important it is to change ourself first to change the world. 

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