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earthquake candle light

2016-04-25 / 2016-04-25

In the candle light event , we were supported by the neighbourhood ladies.  Together we choosed a temple to light he candle for the victims Read More

birthday celebration

2016-04-06 / 2016-04-06

Our memeber Rtr. Tenzing Chukey Lama  celebrated her birthday with some of our club members. It was a wonderful fellowship programme ,we got Read More

celebration of holi with the orphanage

2016-03-22 / 2016-03-22

Our members wanted to choose a perfect place for the celebration of holi. We wanted to bring some changes. Holi is a traditional event celebrated Read More

8th Rotaract District Conference

2016-02-19 / 2016-02-19

The conference was held in Dharan- Nepal , all of the rotaract clubs were present . Each clubs had a huge responsibility of voting the deserving Read More

distribution of educational kits

2016-02-10 / 2016-02-10

We had distributed 850 educational kits and some clothes  to two schools 

Tika School Kupondole

Buddhist School Thankot Read More

Teaspoon of change

2016-01-30 / 2016-01-30

Our members had attended the teaspoon of change programme. As the theme , Teaspoon of change , it taught about the value of living . The speaker Read More

Flag exchange

2016-01-21 / 2016-01-21

Our members had exchanged flags with two international rotaractors

Rtr. Sian Jne Brown

Rtr. weiting xu

It was a successful Read More

Rotaract trek tour ( Bhaktapur)

2016-01-21 / 2016-01-21

Two of our international rotaractors had participated for the Ro Trek Tour @2016.

Rtr. Sian Jane Brown 

Rtr. Weiting Xu  Read More

Flag exchange

2016-01-11 / 2016-01-11

For the promotion of our club and to develop public relation wtih the other fellow clubs, we organized a fellowship progamme with the rotaractors Read More

christmas eve celebration

2015-12-24 / 2015-12-24

Peace , co-ordination , co-operation can only be possible when there is unity.  Our club can only be strong enough , if we have the support Read More

C.O.T.S training

2015-12-20 / 2015-12-20

Being a new club , our members  didnot have enough knowledge regarding to what is  a rotaract club.  They were confused and some of Read More

Rotaract tour promotion

2015-12-19 / 2015-12-19

our members had dressed themselves in a beautiful newari attire. They helped promoting the heritage site of Bhaktapur by shooting many photos in Read More

blood donation

2015-11-28 / 2015-11-28

Blood is a main source of elements needed for the functioning of our heart. Every places consist of blood banks i.e red cross society. we dont Read More

1st P.S meet rota year 2015-2016

2015-09-26 / 2015-09-26

P.S Meet Rota year 2015-2016 is an event , where  all the rotaract clubs come together and listen to the activities done by the club. It all Read More

rotaract south east asia summit

2015-09-11 / 2015-09-11

our members had attended their 1st international event in India.  It was an amazing event . There were many rotaract clubs and also guests Read More

chartered day celebration

2015-09-06 / 2015-09-06

our club was chartered in 25th july 2015 , therefore we celebrated our chartered day in september 6th along with the 2nd installation programme of Read More

Japanese Technique Tree Planatation

2015-07-08 / 2015-07-08

As we know that TREE a big part of our life that purifies the air we breathe,provides food to eat, shade when there is sun over our Read More

fund raising programme

2015-07-07 / 2015-07-07

we had done our 1st fund raise in the installation programme of our rotary club of bhadgaon. it was an amazing programme with the presence of many Read More

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